Support Leaders

Build Achievable

Expand on your initial business case for change to:

Create an inventory of & categorise all initiatives

Agree on resource demand and availability

Prioritise initiatives against criteria for success

Sequence delivery to create a roadmap for change

Create Companywide Alignment

Develop a change story to engage all employees

Stand in their shoes when creating content

Develop an engagement plan that delivers regular and timely updates

Take the time to encourage questions and feedback

Deliver The

Collect current performance measures

Agree on success metrics

Set improvement targets

Agree timeline for achievement

Develop Internal Change Capability

Deliver training on role of the change leader to all people managers

Support employee transition with regular training sessions

Ensure all employees feel involved in the change process

Pat Larkin – Chief Executive and Owner at Ward Solutions Ltd

“Therese is a key LEAN enabler in Ward Solutions. We use LEAN to optimise key elements of our business on an ongoing basis, starting 3 years ago. Therese trained people at all levels in the organisation and then led practical LEAN improvement exercises and programs with our LEAN trainee teams as highly effective on the job training. Therese is a very competent, passionate and driven trainer and consultant who personally buys into the organisation and the teams that she is working with and is clearly committed to their personal and Ward Solutions success. I cannot recommend Therese and her work highly enough.”

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