Stakeholder Collaboration

To Engage

Agree on and prioritise your key stakeholders

Look at the change from their perspective

Do what you can to make the change comfortable for them

Involve them as much as you can


Create a list of questions to ensure all potential risks are covered

Schedule regular check-ins with employees to get their views on how the change is progressing

Share good news stories far and wide

Involve employees in solving any problems raised

Convert Problems Into The Best Solutions

Define the problem and set the goal

Collect data to prove the problem exists

Involve experts in getting to the root cause

Convert solutions into a detailed implementation plan

Measure progress

Embed Across The Organisation

Cascade the change story from the top down

Each manager is 100% aligned with the change when they communicate to their teams

Change is delivered in a safe environment that encourages feedback

Concerns and solutions are resolved as a team

Angela Rice, CEO Link Credit Union

“Therese has been working with us in delivering Lean within our Organisation. First stage was staff communication & engagement on strategy & how Lean fits & supports it. All staff received training on it. Many processes identified by staff. Her knowledge & expertise has been instrumental in assisting our Organisation & we very much look forward to working with Therese again in January. Thank you so much on behalf of staff, management & board for your guidance in this area.”

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