Empower Managers
Connect With The Strategy

 Managers localise the change story for their individual teams

They create a forum that welcomes suggestions & feedback

They address concerns together

Optimise Time And Priorities

Review current workload of relevant employee

Identify what to delegate and who to delegate to

Complete the delegation process

Assess regularly

Embrace And Own Change

Personalise the change plan

Role model and sponsor business change

Take the time to engage and involve all impacted employees

Empower And Motivate Teams

Let them know how important their work is

Give them control over the own success

Recognise and reward good work

Structure work so people owe things to one another

Joe Hughes, Managing Partner at Pebble Business Transformation

“Therese worked with Pebble as Change Management Lead on a major Transformation and Operating Model design program. Therese demonstrated a deep passion for helping people through change. She was always dedicated and proactive, and led dozens of relevant workshops. She ensured that Change Management never slipped off the agenda of meetings, and she drove stakeholder communication. In particular, Therese’s talent for facilitating interactive sessions was a great asset to the program.”

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