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Bank of Ireland Matt O’Connor Breakfast Briefing Event

TW Performance Solutions attended the above event on 24th February, held in the beautiful Bank of Ireland building on College Green. Leinster Rugby Coach, Matt O’Connor, spoke to SMEs about his experience and skills in leading a successful rugby team. I was also fortunate to be given the opportunity to share a little bit about my company I took away the following great tips for successful Leadership • Build a positive culture and environment – an individual’s values is as important as their skill levels • Manage selection day disappointment with a one team mantra – everyone in the squad has a vital role to play • Leadership is a
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How It All Began

  TW Performance Solutions believes that providing employees with a clear purpose, continued support and a robust platform to share thoughts and ideas, can produce powerful business results. Strong and effective leadership is the key to defining the Business purpose and getting the support mechanisms in place. It is also commonplace for all employees to do what they can to improve processes and performance. In fact, you could say most leaders and their employees have been doing this for years However, the challenge to continuously improve business productivity levels increases every day. Companies and their employees are being asked to become more and more creative as they look for ways to
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Isn’t Lean Just Another Way To Reduce Headcount?

Isn’t Lean just another way to reduce headcount? This question has been frequently put to me over the years. From my perspective, for Lean to be introduced effectively, the business must have a very clear purpose & strategy for using a Lean approach. Do they want to grow their business, increase market share, reduce costs, increase client satisfaction or improve employee morale? – The list goes on. It is the strategy that might lead to a reduction in headcount or a change in role for some employees. Lean is simply a methodology that enables the business to identify opportunities to create capacity. The business strategy determines how they utilize this capacity.
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Leaning Towards A Culture Of Risk Accountability

Leaning towards a culture of risk accountability  By Therese Walsh, Jan 6th, 2015 TW Performance Solutions was invited to speak at a ‘Fraud in Finance’ conference in Jersey, Channel Islands in November last year. I feel compelled to write about this event for the following reasons: It was the 1st official engagement for TW Performance Solutions and therefore a key milestone for me! Linking ‘Fraud in Finance’ and ‘Lean’ gave me much food for thought, such as: Is it enough not to want to commit a fraud? Only a very small % of people set out to commit a fraud. In fact a greater % of people get involved in
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