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How It All Began


TW Performance Solutions believes that providing employees with a clear purpose, continued support and a robust platform to share thoughts and ideas, can produce powerful business results.

Strong and effective leadership is the key to defining the Business purpose and getting the support mechanisms in place. It is also commonplace for all employees to do what they can to improve processes and performance. In fact, you could say most leaders and their employees have been doing this for years

However, the challenge to continuously improve business productivity levels increases every day. Companies and their employees are being asked to become more and more creative as they look for ways to enhance overall performance

Lean, when introduced effectively, can be the answer to this Business challenge. It provides a different way of thinking for businesses who feel they have reached their efficiency peak or actually have no more capacity to give. This way of thinking is complimented with highly effective frameworks and techniques that employees can apply to help them meet and even exceed their productivity goals

Throughout my career in Financial Services, I have gained significant experience as an operations leader before transitioning to lead a regional business transformation programme in November 2009. This transition introduced me to Lean thinking for the first time. This new skill combination allowed me to understand Business transformation from a number of different perspectives. I knew first-hand and fully appreciated the challenges Operations teams face day in and day out and this had a real impact on how we went about our Lean transformation engagements.

In August last year, an opportunity arose for me to put the TW brand on my experiences to date. And so in October 2014, TW Performance Solutions was formed

TW Performance Solutions will work with you and your teams to introduce creative and practical performance management techniques to support and empower all employees to;

  • Balance multiple evolving business priorities.
  • Continually streamline processes and reduce cost base.
  • Improve team morale.
  • Deliver services to your clients in a better, faster, more cost effective way.
  • Achieve these results in a measured and timely manner.
  • Embed and sustain a culture of control and continuous improvement.

My LinkedIn profile and our website will provide more information on what we can offer your business.


Posted by twsolutions / Posted on 27 Jan
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