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If you would like to discuss how TW Performance Solutions can work with your business transformation please contact us at 01-6392952 or you can email

TW Performance Solutions was founded in 2014 by Therese Walsh who is a Senior Leader in Business Transformation and Operations Management. Therese has a proven track record in developing and delivering high impact business performance improvement initiatives.

As an extension of your team, TW Performance Solutions will introduce practical tools and techniques to help create additional opportunities for you and your employees to enhance overall Business performance.

We will work with you and all your employees to ensure your company achieves and even exceeds its business productivity goals.

Some of MD, Therese Walsh’s key achievements:


Therese Walsh

Has over 20 years’ Financial Services experience working for Multinationals globally, specialising in Operations Management and Business Transformation.

Developed & delivered a number of Lean Transformation programmes across multiple Securities & Fund Services Businesses in Europe that delivered 22% (350 FTE), $15mm in capacity gains; capacity created used to manage growth and attrition.

Created a culture of engagement & continuous improvement through involvement of all staff (2,000 FTE) in the Transformation.

Delivered Lean & Management capability building training to over 2,000 staff.

Improved service cycle times to platinum UK Investor Clients by 25 – 40% leading to a significant increase in Client satisfaction.

Stabilized and developed many Business Operations Teams resulting in up to 40% productivity improvements, 90% reduction in business exposure & significantly improved client & employee satisfaction levels.